Shark FlexStyle

The new Shark FlexStyle.
It can be used with or without the six attachments, and the end of it bends by 90 degrees which makes blow drying easier. The general shape and size of the main unit doesn’t take up much space, in fact, we consider it compact enough to squeeze in to a suitcase –
the Shark FlexStyle is that it can be easily rotated back and forth from a powerful hair dryer to a multi-styling tool with just a twist. This means that you’ll be able to dry wet hair and curl, volumize or smooth hair simultaneously, saving time without causing any heat damage.

The six attachments that you get with the hair styler are the two curlers, two brush heads, one diffuser and one nozzle you can rotate between a hair dryer and multi-styler with just a twist, Shark FlexStyle™ transforms from dryer to styler in seconds. Whether you want no-heat-damage styling & drying, automatic curling with Coanda Technology, or blowouts using dual bristles, there’s endless powerful ways for you to flex.
Priced at £349

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