Beko AquaTech

Beko says its innovative AquaTech technology offers reliable cleaning without costing the earth, with the highest energy efficiency rating and up to 20% less power consumption compared to similar capacity models.
Beko‘s new washing machines leverage advanced technology to bring all the power and performance one would expect from the brand, but with low power consumption.

There are two new models in the line-up – the B5WFU58418W and B5WFT89418W – each featuring AquaTech and SteamCure technology. Both appliances can also be controlled through the company’s HomeWhiz app.

Wash laundry quickly and gently thanks to AquaTech
With AquaTech, Beko says it relies on the natural power of water to clean laundry quickly, thoroughly and gently. Water and detergent are already mixed in the designated compartment. The mixture is then powerfully poured from above, like a waterfall, so laundry soaks faster and is washed more thoroughly, Beko explains.

In addition, the wash cycle alternates between rotating and intensive rinsing. This allegedly reduces the number of drum cycles by up to 75%, which in turn lowers both the duration and stress being put on the textiles by up to 50%, Beko adds.

Meanwhile, the machine’s ProSmart Inverter Motoroffers low power consumption, low noise levels and ensures a longer service life thanks to its brushless motor design.Stains and wrinkles don’t stand a chance with SteamCure
SteamCure technology can help remove stubborn stains while being gentle on clothes. SteamCure Hygiene+, the water can be heated to 60°C, which reduces common household allergens** by up to 99.9 percent. Washing machines equipped with SteamCure are therefore perfectly suited to people who suffer from allergies.

First-class washing
With a capacity of 8 or 9kgs and 15 or 14 programmes to choose from, Beko’s range is designed for small households or larger families. Using Bluetooth, both washing machines can be conveniently controlled via the HomeWhiz app. Eight (B5WFU58418W) or seven (B5WFT89418W) additional functions can be selected.

The app also helps choose the right washing programme. Users enter the type of textile and stain, the degree of soiling and colour of the laundry before receiving a tailored programme recommendation

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