AEG is presenting a new range of refrigerators at the IFA. The innovative series includes a fridge that can reduce food waste by up to 20% and uses recycled plastic for the interior.

According to the manufacturer, the new range consumes up to 20% less CO2 emissions than previous ones. In addition, more than 80% of the materials can be recycled . “This makes the new series one of the most sustainable that is currently available on the market ,” says AEG.

“Food waste affects us all. 30% of CO2 emissions come from food production . A third of all food ends up in the garbage , around 60% of people throw away food at least once a week.That’s why we put the design sketches aside and started with the global problem. In doing so, we have succeeded in developing a range of refrigeration appliances that can help to reduce food waste, preserve food longer and reduce energy consumption and therefore costs,”

three models 6000 TwinTech® NoFrost, 7000 GreenZone and 8000 Cooling 360° are part of an integrated range of cooling devices designed to ensure greater sustainability.

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