Awarding ceremony of Indonesia “TOP INNOVATION CHOICE AWARD 2022” was held online. AQUA washing machine won this award for bacteriostatic technology.The “TOP INNOVATION CHOICE AWARD” is held to recognize brands that have successfully innovated products and services and is well known in the field of innovation.

There were hundreds of companies and brands participated in the awards and were evaluated in three areas: innovative ideas, innovative strengths, and innovative differentiation. According to the final selection, AQUA washing machine Super Wash Series finally stood out and won the award.The main reason why AQUA washing machine won the award is that it meets the needs of users for health care scenes in special periods. With the escalation of consumption and the impact of the global epidemic, people’s awareness of laundry has improved from “clean” in the past to a new level of “healthy”.
Super Wash Series has a variety of health modes such as ultraviolet sterilization, high-temperature sterilization and air washing sterilization, and has passed VDE certification. It is confirmed that the sterilization rate is higher than 99.99%, which can ensure the health of the whole family. At the same time, the super large drum diameter of 525mm can prevent the clothes from wrinkling and tangling. The intelligent delivery system iterates intelligent washing and care solutions for users.All along, the functional iteration and technological innovation of products have been the endogenous driving force for the growth of AQUA washing machine market. AQUA Indonesia ranked the Top3 in the sales share of all categories of washing machines in Q1, with double-digit growth of drum washing machines. In the future, AQUA Indonesia will consistently adhere to the user needs and  constantly break industry boundaries and comprehensively lead users’ healthy lifestyle.

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