Sharp new models

Sharp has unveiled a variety of of new product lines at its Sharp Xperience event. Its home appliances focus is on areas in which it already has expertise. The key product area is air treatment, and the watchword is affordability, with new appliances which includes a £109 air purifier, a £34.99 aroma diffuser, a portable air conditioner for £449 and two dehumidifiers priced at £229 and £279.
There will also be two accessible microwave ranges launched, with appliances beginning at £74.
The affordable air treatment appliances will appeal to the increased numbers of people working from home or newly engaged in a hybrid working model. During the earlier stages of the pandemic, consumers became increasingly concerned with home air quality and showed themselves willing to invest in products to improve their quality of life at home.
Meanwhile, workers used to their office’s air conditioning will likely be amenable to buying an inexpensive air conditioning unit for home use to get them through the more miserable days of summer. 
As a further buying incentive, some appliances will be available to buy with 5-year extended warranties.
The new products will be launching over the next few months in Europe and the UK.

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