Godrej Appliances reinforces commitment to keep India healthy

Godrej Appliance has launched a new television commercial to bring to light Godrej’s expert understanding of cooling and preservation technology which helps Indian consumers stay healthy. Not many Indians know the role of Godrej Appliances when it comes to the Covid Vaccination. One of the key challenges the world faced in the Covid-19 vaccination drive was the lack of proper vaccine storage facilities.

Like many other critical vaccines, both COVID vaccines prevalent in India must be preserved exactly between 2°C to 8°C, anything less or anything more – and the vaccine goes bad. Godrej’s advanced vaccine refrigerators address this challenge through precision cooling that maintains the optimal temperature at all times, with extended hold times to fight any power outages or such adversities.

The TVC highlights how Godrej makes advanced vaccine refrigerators that safeguard the COVID vaccines and preserves them, helping people stay healthy. These world-class, advanced refrigerators are made in the same factories that also make the brand’s domestic refrigerators – which preserve people’s foods every day, ensuring they eat and stay healthy.

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