Spazio hood by Falmec

The winners of the 26th edition of the Compasso d’Oro , the most important award for Italian design, were announced. Among the awarded was the Spazio hood by Falmec designed by Francesco Lucchese-Lucchesedesign Studio, which in addition to a functional component is a real piece of furniture. This is a very important recognition for Falmec confirming the growth path of the Vittorio Veneto-based company, which rewards the approach to excellence, the care and dedication to formulating innovative solutions that improve the quality of time spent within our homes

A design designed to intelligently use and exploit space and to offer greater practicality in kitchen activities. The 180 cm supporting island structure, in fact, consists of comfortable frosted glass shelves for tidy storage of crockery or any other useful object in the kitchen, a channel equipped with hooks for organizing utensils and a LED that broadly illuminates the work surface.

But what makes Spazio a unique hood of its kind are the accessories and additional functions that derive from it.

Spazio is in fact equipped with USB ports and electrical sockets with “bottom view” that allow you to recharge electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones or MP3 players and always have them at hand, and a “tablet holder” support for quick and practical consultation. any application and why not, tasty recipes.

The hood also offers the possibility of housing a small home garden – supplied by Falmec as an accessory – designed for the cultivation of aromatic plants directly in the kitchen.

The hood incorporates the Circle.Tech system , patented by Falmec, which makes Spazio an extraordinary hood also from a performance point of view.
Circle.Tech, in fact, thanks to the union in a single apparatus of the suction and filtering part, which develops horizontally, allows the outgoing air to spread evenly and be effectively filtered by a series of filters that surround the motor . The Carbon.Zeo filter technology is able to retain odors with double effectiveness compared to the classic filter solutions, combining materials of natural origin, such as activated carbon and zeolite, ideal for the absorption of organic compounds and water vapor.

With Spazio, Falmec realizes the desires and needs of each of us, confirming once again a path of excellence and the commitment aimed at improving the experience in the kitchen and in general the quality of daily living at home.

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