SMEG VIVOscreen oven

New from SMEG VIVOscreen oven displays
The oven range has been renewed with the new VIVOscreen displays which allowing more information and functions to be shown. Intuitive, easy to read and simple to use. High definition images illustrate the extensive range of automatic programmes for smart cooking.

The addition of the new extra wide VIVIMax screen allows the user to have access to greater information at one time. More functions are accessible which makes it quite easy to read and simpler to use. The full touch vertical and horizontal scrolling makes navigating through the new display a pleasure to the fingers as well as the mind. In order to make it easy to use, users get an explanation of the function performed by a specific item on the display through a pop-up box that appears if the item is held for 3 seconds.

The new bright colours, visual icons and High Definition graphic effects allow the viewing experience to be phenomenal and a pleasure to the eyes. If you prefer to create your own recipes, then the My Recipes section allows you to store up to 64 of your own favourite dishes into the memory of the oven.

In order to have consistently perfect cooking results, the temperature probe monitors the core temperature of the food. As a result, the cook has complete control over the cooking and can personalise results just to their liking.

The new display is available in two versions: VIVO, with a size of 4” x 3” (9.5 x 5.5 cm), and VIVOMax premium display, with a size of 6 ”x 3” (15 x 5.2 cm). Both displays can be found on our Linea and Dolce Stil Novo design lines.

The VIVOscreen ovens will join Smeg’s smart range, known as SmegConnect. The oven will work in conjunction with the new dedicated SmegConnect app, which can be used to control your appliances remotely from your chosen handheld device. Perfect for those always on the move, you can preset the oven on your way home from work so your dinner is ready to go for when you get back – ideal after you’ve had a long day and the last thing you want to do is wait for your dinner to cook!

Offering a new vertical within the connected home, Smeg’s VIVOscreen connected ovens will be available for customers to purchase nationwide once they hit stores in September 2020.

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