Samsung and LG close factories

Samsung Electronics Co. will shut down its manufacturing plant in Campinas, Sao Paulo, in southeastern Brazil for two weeks from March 30 to April 12.It already closed its plant in Manaus in northern Brazil. It initially planned to keep it closed from Tuesday to Sunday this week but has decided to extend the shutdown period to April 12.Its factories in Brazil produce smartphones, TVs and home appliances.Its office employees in Brazil and other regions in Central and South Americas began remote working on Monday. The company’s retail stores and service centers in Brazil have stayed closed since Tuesday.In India, the electronics giant has shut down its smartphone factory at Noida and home appliance factory in Chennai this week. The company plans to extend the shutdown to next week.It also has announced to suspend TV factory in Slovakia for a week, and halting TV production in Hungary due to supply issues caused by the virus outbreak.LG Electronics, another big home appliance maker, is also suspending overseas production.The company on Thursday said it will close washing machine factory in Tennessee, in the U.S. from March 30 until April 12. The Tennessee produces 100,000 units a month and has around 600 workers.LG Electronics also shuttered its smartphone and home appliance plants in India. They will be kept closed until April 14.ZKW, the company’s automotive light maker subsidiary in Austria recently decided to scale down output after its finished car making client shuttered production lines temporarily.Rechargeable battery markers are also closing factories due to widespread virus.LG Chem stopped operating its battery plant in Michigan, the U.S. on Wednesday after Michigan state government issued an administrative order, directing all residents to “stay at home.” The plant will be closed until April 13.Its rival Samsung SDI is also closing its two battery pack plants in Michigan until April 13

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