South Korean companies resuming op

Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and other Korean companies are sche-duled to restart their plants in China as businesses resume work after mandatory closures due to the deadly outbreak of Covid-19.

Automakers such as Hyundai, Kia, SsangYong and Renault Samsung, which had stopped their assembly lines in Korea due to a shortage of China-sourced auto parts, will also restart their operations.

However, The Korea Times said Korean businesses had only “partially” restarted and were unsure if operations would fully resume as the virus continues to spread.

Samsung’s home appliance manufacturing plants in Suzhou, China resumed work last Monday, while its Tianjin factory is set to reopen next week.

“Our business could have been disrupted if the Suzhou plant remained suspended,” a Samsung official said.

Although the Tianjin plant will restart its operations later than the Suzhou plant, any potentially negative consequences will be minimised as the plant is producing products only for consumers in the domestic Chinese market.

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