Electrolux perfect care washing machine

Electrolux presents the new PerfectCare washing machines with the new AutoDose technology that allows you to carry out thirty washes without the need to add detergent or fabric softener, because the washing machine will take care of delivering the required amount independently based on the load.The drawer dedicated to detergents ensures great flexibility thanks to four large compartments – two automatic and two manual – easy to fill and clean.
After selecting the washing program, the AutoDose technology calculates the perfect amount of detergent and / or useful softener based on the laundry loaded. This avoids unnecessary detergent and water waste during the rinsing phase, ensuring significant energy savings and unique protection for the fabrics.Furthermore, the settings of the AutoDose drawer can be configured and managed remotely, with smartphones and tablets, through the My Electrolux Care App , receiving personalized notifications. The application also allows you to set, start and monitor washing cycles with extreme flexibility.To keep garments always soft and protected, paying the utmost attention to each individual fiber and fabric, Electrolux uses the most advanced technologies. The special SensiCare System sensors automatically adjust the washing settings, guaranteeing water, energy and time savings. While, for always brilliant colors, wash after wash, the innovative Ultra-Care technology pre-mixes detergent and softener with water, before they come into contact with the clothes in the basket, activating their cleaning power. The special Vapor PRO systemit also uses steam to stretch fabrics and eliminate creases: fibers are refreshed, odors disappear and garments remain fresh and easy to iron. Numerous special programs are available to offer the best washing performance, such as Denim, developed to minimize fading of denim garments. Reaching a maximum of 40 ° C and with delicate movements of the basket, this cycle does not stress the fibers and avoids ruining their appearance and texture.

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