Haier , Hoover and Candy brands ,Haier Europe reveals its innovations and commercial strategy

Haier Europe has recently gathered its clients at the Príncipe Pío Grand Theater in Madrid to present their latest releases of the Haier , Hoover and Candy brands , as well as to share the company’s commercial and communication strategy.

Regarding novelties, two star products of Haier stand out: on the one hand, the side by side model HB25FSNAAA, one meter wide, equipped with technologies such as Fresher Techs and with Iconic Black finish; on the other, stands out the Super Drum washer HWD100-BD1499U1, with capacity of 10 kg of washing + 6 kg of drying, wi-fi connection, i-Refresh, Smart Duo Spray and ABT antibacterial treatment. Both models offer a lifetime guarantee.

For its part, Hoover has presented the folding broom H-Free 500, with autonomy of up to 40 min. and only 70 cm in height.

Candy is still betting on connectivity in all its appliances, from the kitchen with its new wifi oven, going through the cold and even washing, where the range of Rapido washing machines and Brava dishwashers stand out.

The company has also announced the new spot of the Haier brand that focuses on clearly conveying the main benefit of Fresher Techs technology. For Candy and Hoover, the group is committed to a 12-month campaign of visibility in the press, digital media, radio and outdoor. It has also announced the opening of the new commercial office of Haier Europe in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, the sponsorship of Candy in the cooking school “Apetit’Oh!” And the start of a road show that will go to several cities Spanish

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