Sharp Turns Home Cooks into Culinary Champions with Dynamic Oven Series

Whatever the size of your kitchen, whatever the scope of your culinary know-how, you can cook like a champion with Sharp 45cm-60cm built-in ovens. Bringing some serious cooking style to your everyday kitchen experience, this range will put an end to your daily mealtime slog. No more anxiety, no more cooking set-backs. Designed with speciality functions as well as mealtime trouble-shooter features, Sharp ovens will clear the way to culinary success.

Steam-assisted Oven with Air Curtain

Designed to fulfil great culinary ambition, this extra-large 75-litre capacity oven promises to raise your game in the kitchen. Perfectly grilling and browning your food, it comes with 10 cooking functions enabling you to find exactly the right cooking conditions for every dish.

Any time you think you might need a little extra help, you can always count on Sharp oven’s steam-assisted power. If your meat looks in danger of becoming a little tough, or your vegetables a little dried out, then simply add a puff of steam with the manual steam option. One quick steam injection can change the course of your cooking, ensuring mouth-wateringly delicious results every time. steam-assisted functionality is also great for baking. Rather than fall flat or dry up, your pastries will rise, and anything you cook will stay crispy on the outside and mouth-wateringly juicy on the inside. Best of all, thanks to the steam, your cooking is likely to be more nutritious, as more of your dish’s vitamins and nutrients can be preserved with this cooking method.

When the pressure is on, you can always cheat your way to culinary success. With 150 bang-on-trend autocooking recipes, including 20 that are for steam-assisted cooking, this oven is always there to support you, automatically setting the ideal programme, temperature and cooking duration for every dish you can imagine.

Whatever you decide to make, you’ll aways stay cool thanks to the oven’s Air Curtain feature. Using an air stream, Air Curtain prevents any hot air from escaping the inside of the cavity whenever the oven door is opened.

For the dreaded post-meal oven clean, you can also count on more support. The oven’s VapClean+ function uses steam to dislodge grease and grime, leaving you nothing to do but gently wipe clean the inside of the oven.

45cm Compact Series: Small but Mighty

Discover your inner masterchef with our dynamic compact series. Comprising of a sleek 45cm oven and matching warming drawer, this range is designed to take you to new culinary heights. Small but mighty, both the oven and the warming drawer are the ideal fit for even tight kitchen spaces, enabling you to install both products as part of a drop down wall formation.

Designed with one of the largest capacities for a 45cm model, our 50-litre oven not only enables you to cook, grill and brown your food, but also to ensure extra special cooking results, even when you might have started to over-heat your dish a little. Thanks to its steam-assisted power, it not only gives you the power to bake more professionally, but also to refresh your dish with a quick puff of steam during the cooking process.

Bringing you more culinary adventure, it also comes with 20 autocooking functions and the VapClean+ function to take care of the post-meal oven clean-up.

Matching Warming Drawer

So much more than just a place to keep your dishes warm,Sharp matching warming drawer doubles up as an additional cooking support, offering a place for you to defrost food, warm up soups and pastries, and prove bread.

Thanks to its gentle push door mechanic, you can also open and close it without having to worry that the motion will cause any stored dishes to spill or capsize.

The PerFector 60cm Oven

Meet the PerFector, a game-changing oven that will correct and perfect your dishes. Why waste time putting on your oven gloves and re-positioning your oven tray when, simply by touching a button, you can automatically move your dish to one of five shelf levels? Compensating for any minor cooking oversights, this meal-time hero is made to keep your dish on track. If you find yourself short on cooking time, move your tray from the bottom to nearer the top of the oven to speed up the heating process and ensure a perfectly browned surface for your dish. If your food is beginning to look a little too crisp on top, then simply move it down a level or two for more gentle heating.

Sharp supermodel also comes with a whole host of other features, offering a series of 10 programmes, which include a pizza function for baking as well as a grill and turnspit cycle to make the perfect roast. For the post-meal oven clean, you can count on PerFector’s VapClean function, which dislodges and breaks down the toughest grease and grime using the steam generated from a water-filled tray.

AirStream Oven

Break all culinary rules and discover multi-dish cooking. Saving you more time in the kitchen, AirStream is the first ever oven to let you cook dishes across five shelf levels. In just one cooking session, you can make up to 5 pizzas or 100 cupcakes. What’s more, you can also be sure of perfectly even cooking results. Thanks to its double-fan structure and additional side air vents, this oven is capable of distributing hot air evenly, whatever the shelf level, whatever the shelf position.

With AirStream, you can also cater to individual dish requests, helping to keep the whole family happy at mealtimes. Instead of having to run separate cooking cycles for each requested meal, you’re free to cook 3 entirely different dishes together without ever having to worry about any cross-contamination of flavour or odours.

European Sales and Marketing Director, Alberico Lissoni, comments, “Designed for real life, our ovens support you through the good times and the bad, offering quick fix remedies for minor cooking mishaps. For us, cooking should be a passion for everyday life, giving cooks of all abilities more opportunity to experiment with recipes and to concoct dishes, all without having to worry about tweaking temperature settings, or moving the oven tray

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