Grundig’s Gourmet Chef Smart Oven

Grundig’s Gourmet Chef Smart Oven is equipped with advanced connected technologies and sensors allowing users to precisely control the temperature of their food as it cooks to ensure the best results. This includes a moisture and oxygen sensor, a temperature control sensor and BLDC motor, an integrated camera and a multipoint meat probe. The Gourmet Chef oven also features a 7” Touch TFT Display that lets users control these in-oven smart functions, allowing for easy monitoring and adjustments to the cooking process.

In addition to these smart functions, Grundig’s Steam Assist technology allows users to easily cook poultry, meat and fish to the perfect level of tenderness, as well as bread and pastries to rival an artisan bakery. The secret ingredient is multiple bursts of steam released throughout the cooking cycle at predetermined times based on the selected automatic cooking programme. This ensures that baked goods retain up to 7% more moisture, and develop a rise 14% higher than they would in a traditional oven, as well as a crisp and shiny crust. Full steam cooking is also an ideal cooking method for users looking to maintain a healthy diet, as it removes the need to cook using oil. This cooking process also allows the food to retain a higher quantity of vitamins and minerals. The Gourmet Chef Smart Oven offers full steam and combination steam cooking programmes, and can also be used as a conventional oven.

The intuitive innovation doesn’t stop there. Dealing with the aftermath of a spitting joint of meat is no longer a problem thanks to Grundig’s advanced automatic self-cleaning with water, which cleans the whole oven at the touch of a button. And to ensure that users’ cleaning practices remain sustainable, quick cleaning functions start at off-peak electricity hours

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