Amazon’s takeover bid on iRobot

Amazon has put $ 1.7 billion on the table to buy the entirety of the shares of iRobot, the American company known worldwide for the Roomba series of robot vacuum cleaners, as reported by the Wall Street Journal . Although the company is the reference brand in the sector, it has probably suffered from the growing competition due to the success of the category and in recent months it has lost profitability closing its balance sheets in deficit.

The stock, which was worth 68 dollars at the beginning of 2022, had dropped to around 35 in mid-July and then climbed back to 50 dollars per share. Amazon offering $ 61 in cash provides a premium of around 20%. The total investment envisaged by Amazon: 1.7 billion, is slightly higher than the 2021 turnover: 1.56 billion. Amazon is also committed to clearing the company’s debt.

The market does not seem to expect a further offer. Amazon is committed to building an ecosystem of home appliances to make Alexa the ‘smart home’ hub competing with Google.

Roomba i7 + empties itself

Roomba i7 + is able to empty the tank by itself thanks to the Clean Base. When the cycle is finished, the “cleaner” returns to the recharging base and automatically empties the dirt collected inside the base thanks to a technology that we believe in the future can be adopted by many.

The station is able to contain in a bag the equivalent of 30 full containers of Roomba (0.4 liter capacity each) and notify the owner via App when the time for replacement has arrived.

Thanks to the Imprint Smart Mapping technology , the robot memorizes the plan of the house with the particularity of being able to assign a name to each room and customize the cleaning cycles (supported up to 10 maps, for moving to different floors or houses). Roomba i7 + works both with voice commands and with the iRobot Home application (available for iOS and Android).

Colin Angle, president and CEO of iRobot. He said: ” The new Roomba i7 + is faithful to the” vision “of the robot vacuum cleaner that we had almost 20 years ago, when we started the design process of the Roomba range “.

The navigation takes place with iAdapt 3.0 and vSLAM technology, the model remembers where it has already passed and moves smoothly around the perimeter of the house, it also adapts to any micro-changes in the home.

Roomba i7 + stands out thanks to the two counter-rotating brushes, these work together to effectively clean both the rugs and all kinds of floors. The first brush raises the dirt while the second one rotates in the opposite direction to pick it up. Unlike bristles, which can bend and disperse dust, the flexible silicone brushes adhere to the floor to capture both small particles, such as fine dust and dirt, and hair, pet hair and crumbs, even large ones.

Roomba i7 + automatically adjusts the height of the cleaning head so that the two brushes can accurately adhere to the surface and can recognize areas that need deeper cleaning.