Magic new integrated refrigerators

Magic newly upgraded small built-under refrigerator
The newly upgraded computer temperature control is the highlight of this time, the temperature control is more accurate and stable, and it is more energy-saving and fresh;
Fully integrated version, the decorative panel can be customized at will, and can be matched with various home styles;
Independent full fridge + full freezer combination with a total volume of over 200 L

Magic Appliance Corporation , situated in the major China appliance manufacturing zone – Hefei, is not only a manufacturing enterprise specializing in research & development, production and sale of high-end built-in refrigerator but also a technology-oriented entity which provides solutions for kitchen & cooling industry.

Magic medical refrigerator

MAGIC Cooling’s 2-8°C Medical Refrigerator
MAGIC Cooling is one of the world’s top manufacturers for professional refrigeration equipment. Medical refrigerators represent one of its primary products. This 75L / 2.7 cu.ft medical refrigerator is counter depth and follows ADA height guidelines. It can store biological products, vaccines, medicines, reagents, as well as other materials as required.
Main functions include:
1. A sophisticated computer temperature control system, equipped with a high-sensitivity temperature sensor to ensure stable cabinet temperatures.
2. Multiple audible and light alarm system (sensor failure, door open alarm, high and low temperature alarm, etc.)high and low temperature alarm, etc.)
3. Lock key designs ensures security for stored material.
4. Uses fluorine-free and environmental protection refrigerant as well as a premium international brand compressor.
5. Offers fast cooling with low noise operation.
6. Double-layer electrically heated glass door that prevents condensation.
7. Premium-quality metal wire shelves for better cool air circulation.