Midea on the Board of Connectivity Standards Alliance

Midea Group announces that it has joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance , becoming a new member of the Board of Directors, to live up to its vision of improving consumers’ lives through universal and interconnected technology. In this context, Midea Group hopes that more and more companies will join in supporting the integration with Matter, the unique protocol of the Connectivity Standards Alliance that allows the most diverse IoT devices and smart appliances to communicate effectively.By joining the Connectivity Standards Alliance team, Midea Group will be at the forefront of promoting collaboration between all consumer electronics and smart home appliance brands, so that everyone can experience universal connectivity. As an industry leader, it is imperative that all of our brands’ smart appliances work effectively in tandem with connected devices from other global brandsMidea Group joins the Connectivity Standards Alliance together with other important companies in the sector and will collaborate in the creation of a universal connectivity protocol for all operators in the sector. Founded in 2002, the Connectivity Standards Alliance has been a leader in creating global open standards like Matter, building the foundation and future of IoT. With a broad membership of more than 500 different companies contributing market-proven technologies and best practices, and the 29 companies on the Board of Directors, the members of the Connectivity Standards Alliance have worked together for nearly two decades to simplify and increase the compatibility of the ‘IoT and concretely improve people’s lives.

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