Fhiaba sells 25% to the Swiss V-Zug

Fhiaba and V-Zug announce that they have signed a strategic partnership aimed at growing Fhiaba ‘s potential as an emerging manufacturer in the high-end domestic refrigeration segment and to strengthen V-Zug ‘s role as a reference appliance supplier for high-end kitchens level.The partnership, which has seen V-Zug acquire 24.99% of the shares of Fhiaba, will increase the production capacity of the Azzano Decimo-based company, allowing it to meet the growing demand for luxury refrigeration with the Fhiaba and V-ZUG, and with OEM customers.

Massimo Baron Toaldo will remain as president and CEO of Fiaba, and will be joined on the Board of Directors by Alberto Bertoz , chief international officer of V-Zug, and by Federico Zoppas , general manager of Zoppas Industries, as an independent member of the board.Production capacity should double by mid-2023.

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