Fifth time in a row: Miele washing machines are again test winners

Miele WCI 870 WPS achieves the best rating for environmental properties

Excellent grades also in endurance testing and handling

For the fifth time in a row, Miele washing machines are at the top of the podium in the Stiftung Warentest (StiWa). In the current issue of the magazine “test” (issue 10/2022), the WCI 870 WPS and the WWE 360 WPS GreenPerformance received the overall grade GOOD (1.6) and impress over a period of ten years with low operating costs. In total, StiWa evaluated 14 front loaders with loads between 8 kg and 9 kg.

As in the last washing machine and dryer tests by Stiftung Warentest, a Miele appliance, here the WCI 870 WPS, shines with the best environmental properties – with the sole top mark of good (1.9). Among the equally placed test winners, both Miele washing machines even have the lowest operating costs. Current average electricity and water prices serve as the basis for calculation, and future annual price increases have already been taken into account. For this, the editors give the “environmental tip”, which the WCI 870 WPS in particular deserves with the lowest power and water consumption. Significantly, among the devices rated good (1.6), only the two Miele washing machines were awarded energy efficiency class A, while the other test subjects did not get beyond a C.The fact that both Miele appliances received the top mark of 1.0 in the endurance test category is not least a result of the intensive stress tests carried out by the Gütersloh-based household appliance group, which are well above the industry average: Miele tests its washing machines for a service life of up to 20 years (at 5 washes per week) and thus goes far beyond the StiWa specifications. Nine years with 3.5 washes per week are the benchmark here. The Miele appliances also received praise in the test for their precise display of the remaining time and for their easy cleaning and maintenance. In all other categories, too, Miele washing machines always achieved a very good or good rating.

The test results for the Miele WCI 870 WPS apply analogously to the WWI 860 WPS and WEI 875 WPS devices of the same construction.

Equipped with a range of convenient features

In addition to the evaluated criteria, both devices scored well in the test with the innovative PowerWash washing process, with which even very small quantities are cleaned in an energy-efficient manner (“washing effect A”). In connection with the QuickPowerWash program, this even works in less than an hour. With CapDosing, special detergents, fabric softeners or additives can be easily dosed in practical portion capsules. The AddLoad function makes it possible to add or remove forgotten items of laundry until just before the end of the program. Of course, both appliances also have the legendary Miele honeycomb drum, which, thanks to its honeycomb structure, ensures maximum laundry protection.

The WCI 870 WPS device also has the TwinDos automatic liquid detergent dosing system, which is integrated in the device. With TwinDos, detergents can be saved by up to 30 percent*, independently confirmed by the renowned Öko-Institut e. V. in Freiburg. TwinDos automatically doses at the right time and in the right proportions: overdosing or underdosing, as well as fiddling with detergent, are a thing of the past – for maximum convenience and washing at the push of a button.

*compared to manual dosing

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