Freezimer home Ice maker

Freezimer, a longtime specialist in kitchen innovations and smart appliances, has developed its latest countertop nugget ice maker machine for home use — the DIM-30A model. Arriving on the heels of its sister ice maker, Dreamiracle, the Freezimer DIM-30A uses the same icemaking technology as Dreamiracle through a brand that places more emphasis on the manufacturing and service of home appliances.

As a brand, Freezimer recognized how the noise factor continues to be a common criticism across a spectrum of home-use and industrial ice makers. Because ice makers are a common feature of parties and special events, any additional or disruptive noise tends to interfere with the occasion. To counter this complaint, Freezimer’s countertop models are specifically engineered to emit a lower, more subdued level of noise. Freezimer is on a mission to end the noise annoyance once and for all and has reduced its ice maker sound to a range of just 45 tp 48 decibels.The Freezimer DIM-30A is built with an intuitive ice maker control panel that allows users to make their ice quickly and efficiently. The compact Freezimer appliance creates nine ice cubes in only six minutes — a total of 33 pounds of ice per day under continual operation. After placing water inside the ice maker, the user will simply press the “on” button and choose between large or small ice cubes, depending on their preferences or requirements. For maximal efficiency, the icemaker can be operated via wifi connectivity and a phone-operated remote control app.With its state-of-the-art infrared sensor technology, the ice machine monitors its own contents and will notify the user when water needs to be replaced, or the ice basket is completely full. The Freezimer DIM-30A also comes with a convenient self-cleaning function that eliminates a significant degree of maintenance effort. Users can easily add water, press the “on” button for five seconds, activate an easy auto-clean function to cleanse the interior of the appliance, and then open a rubber stopper to drain the used water through a bottom-side opening.

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