Largest acquisition in the history of Ariston Group :

This is the largest acquisition in the history of Ariston Group : 703 million euros in cash and approximately 41.42 million shares for a value of approximately 300 million, for 100% of the capital of the German Centrotec Climate System. particular thanks to the brands Wolf, Brink, Pro-Klima and Ned Air, specialized in the supply of solutions for heating, ventilation and air treatment and solutions for the combined generation of heat and energy. “Wolf is a pioneer brand in the sector –

specializing in new generation heat pumps, while Blink, a Dutch brand, is active in the production of devices for domestic ventilation, a sector that is still a niche sector that concerns in particular thermally insulated buildings, those with zero emissions of the new generation that still need a change of air and that are moving from the use of fossil fuel to that of renewable energy.

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