Electrolux Levande

Last month Electrolux launched its Appliance-as-a-Service offering for landlords in Sweden to support the circular economy. And now Electrolux are introducing a new Appliance-as-a-Service platform, called ‘Levande’, in Singapore where a staggering 60,000 tons of e-waste – that’s the equivalent of 70 cellphones per person – gets thrown away each year.

Levande Subscription & Services is Singapore’s first consumer appliance subscription platform which covers the rental of our dishwashers, air purifiers, vacuums, wine cabinets, fridges, washing machines, washer dryers and more. The all-in-one appliance subscription service includes delivery, setup, service and repair, and recycling, supporting the circular economy and Singapore’s 2030 Green plan.

To learn more about Levande, read here https://levande.com.sg/

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