Haier Washpass

Haier Washpass will start in Italy from next September. This is a new washing machine rental service that will debut on the Italian market and then expand to other countries

This is an innovative project that allows you to ‘rent’ the appliance by signing up for a subscription for which you pay an initial sum and then a monthly amount. Including special canisters inserted in a special space inside the basket: they are detergents not on the market, created by Nuncas, the leading Italian brand in the cleaning sector. The technicians of the Milanese company have developed a new type of detergent, based on the disintegration of the components. This new soap-non-soap is intended to be a more effective and sustainable solution to wash better and, consequently, waste less water and energy. This means that the rental service has been designed by Haier as on the one hand it is cheaper than the purchase and on the other also ecological because it is aimed at a lower environmental impact.Haier’s rental service is designed for high-end washing machines. From the moment the subscription is signed, the user will no longer have to worry about anything: in fact, the package includes maintenance interventions as well as detergents.

The service model is simple, by the time the detergent tanks are about to run out, new cartridges are delivered to the house. Since everything is connected, detergent deliveries take place automatically, meaning that Haier will keep track of product consumption and will ensure that customers restock without them having to worry about it.

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