Electrolux is aiming to make its operations climate neutral

Electrolux has reduced the energy consumed at its manufacturing sites per product by around 43% compared with 2005. This equates to an improvement in energy efficiency by around 3% every year for the last 10 years.

“We have significantly reduced our energy use through continuous energy management improvements, incorporating more renewable energy into our operations and by looking for energy efficient solutions in every step of our operations,” explains Giuseppe Caiulo, VP Group Operations Sustainability, Maintenance & EMS. “Some of our high-temperature processes such as enameling are a challenge, but we have broken down such complicated processes into different stages and are working to find out how we can reduce emissions in every step of the process

Electrolux is aiming to make its operations climate neutral by 2030 by working holistically throughout its global business. Achieving climate neutral operations is a part of the company’s broader climate neutrality roadmap for its entire value chain by 2050.

Electrolux has made good progress on its global Zero Waste to Landfill program in 2021. Today, improved waste management ensures that about 97% of the total waste produced by Electrolux sites is either reused or recycled. As sending waste to either incineration or landfill results in emissions, zero waste is crucial for achieving climate neutral operations

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