Haier new products launched in Japan

On May 18, Haier Japan held a new product launch conference in Tokyo to release new mid-to-high-end products, including large-capacity three-door refrigerators, the industry’s smallest front-loading washing machine, and Haier Japan’s 20th anniversary limited-edition refrigerators and freezersthe press conference, the video of Haier Japan’s 20th anniversary brand was played first, which conveyed the Haier brand’s adherence to the user-centered philosophy. Later, Gan Xiuming, vice president of Haier Japan, gave an opening speech, and colleagues involved in new product planning and research and development introduced the new products released this time in detail.The planning of the new three-door refrigerator stems from the demand of Japanese users for large-capacity refrigerators in the post-epidemic era. To this end, Haier Japan has launched a large-capacity three-door refrigerator with a width of only 54cm, which matches the home scenarios with its slender appearance and solves the space limitation.The planning of the new front-loading washing machine comes from the fact that 34% of Japanese users in the survey prefer outdoor drying rather than washing and drying products. At the same time, the front-loading washing machine liberates the space above the washing machine, and has the smallest capacity in the same volume segment, which meets the needs of users to pay attention to space utilization; at the same time, it realizes the smallest volume of the same volume and the only detergent softener for single-wash products. Automatic dispensing, ultraviolet sterilization and warm water washing, the comprehensive strength leads the industryThe new U-series washing machine showed a new flexible design, the industry’s first external bath water pump, and special programs such as quick washing and suit washing; at the same time, sterilization washing programs are added to meet the health needs of users. Through a full range of differentiated products, the brand presence led by the new life has been further strengthened.The Haier series freezer, which has the largest share in the industry in Japan, also launched a 168L freezer equipped with two variable temperature zones. The differentiated soft freezing function can greatly save the user’s thawing time. At the same time, the appearance uses the 20th anniversary limited color Galaxy Gray to render a high-end and elegant home scenarios

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