AEG combi microwave unusable after update: device thinks it is a steam oven

Owners of a certain type of microwave oven AEG have had a device that no longer works for over two weeks. Due to a wrong software update, the microwave thinks it is a steam oven. 
It already went wrong on March 2. “An employee manually entered a wrong number somewhere, causing an incorrect update. As a result, all combi microwaves of this type no longer work in the Benelux,” says a spokesperson for the umbrella company Electrolux.

The combi microwave, the AEG KMK968000T, suddenly thinks it is a steam oven due to the wrong software update. Users get an error message when selecting a program, making the device unusable. The spokesperson cannot say how many combi microwaves are involved.

Electrolux has been trying to resolve the issue remotely for the past two weeks but has been unsuccessful. The ovens can no longer connect to Wi-Fi due to the wrong software update, so a new update cannot be performed.

The problem must therefore be solved on location, the spokesperson confirms. “We are currently in the process of informing our customers about this. We will call them to make an appointment, so that service technicians can come by to perform the update on site.”

The appointment is “of course” free, says the spokesperson. “It’s a very awkward situation and it’s annoying that it has to take so long

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