KitchenAid new colour

Beetroot, a rich magenta is the KitchenAid brand’s 2022 new colour of the year. A KitchenAid, have always championed the power of colour to fuel creativity, – said Carley Smith, the senior marketing manager -. Beetroot is no different. This energizing and uplifting hue invites adventurous cooks of all skill levels to make every day more vibrant by feeding their insatiable appetite for new experiences in the kitchen and beyond.

Among the KitchenAid’s small appliances available in beetrot colour, we can find: the K400 variable speed blender and the Artisan series stand mixer. On the surfaces of these products the rich magenta is made more precious by a lush satin finish.

Looking at the outside of the beet, you’d never know the brightness concealed within – said Jessica McConnell, director of finish and material design for Whirlpool Color -. When sliced open, it reveals extraordinary vibrance inside. The rich magenta with lush satin finish makes every day more vibrant with a pop of energizing colour

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