Rowenta and Tefal launch new products for 2022 to make cleaning easy

Rowenta and Tefal have launched a host of new cleaning appliances including a robot vacuum, a cordless, handheld vacuum, a hygienic steamer for fabrics that promises to remove 99.9% of germs, an ironing station, as well as an air purifier and a special storage system for food.

The collection of products, which covers floorcare, textile care, air purification and storage are currently available in Germany and other select countries in Europe. Those looking to purchase are advised to check locally.

Floor: Effective suction results whether fully automatic or manual

First up is Rowenta’s X-plorer S120 AI (pictured above). The vacuum robot boasts particularly high suction power, says Rowenta, and, thanks to modern laser technology and advanced artificial intelligence (AI), the nimble household helper efficiently turns the floor around the home.

With the help of lasers placed at the “perfect” height, it detects even low everyday objects and easily avoids them, the company says. Meanwhile, the AI ensures that the X-plorer notes the layout of the rooms as well as changes, obstacles or “getting stuck” and automatically adjusts the suction route and power accordingly.

In addition, it is able to analyse running statistics and can recommend personal cleaning suggestions based on this. The X-plorer S120 AI can be configured via an app and is also compatible with Google language assistants.

For those looking for something more traditional, there is the Rowenta X-Force Flex 14.60 Animal. The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner combines powerful suction power with maximum ease of use, Rowenta claims.

It runs at 200 air watts, has five suction power settings and an efficient filter system that captures 99.9% of dust particles and pet hair. In addition, with a digital Smart Display, users can always keep track of the charge level of the replaceable battery and the suction power Eye. Thanks to the tried-and-tested articulated FLEX joint, hard-to-reach places can be reached effortlessly, Rowenta says. Finally, the floor nozzle is also equipped with LED lighting, which is used to clean dark surfaces.

Home textiles: hygienically clean and wrinkle-free – with just a few simple steps

With the Cube hygiene steamer from Tefal, the traditional “ironing room” can now be set up spontaneously and with little effort anywhere in the home, Tefal says.

With just one device, home textiles and items of clothing can be ironed, steam smoothed and disinfected. With just the power of hot, high-pressure steam, the Cube promises to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs that can settle in all sorts of substances in the home. As a result, wrinkles – no matter how thick and stubborn they are – no longer stand a chance. The practical thing about the Cube: It can be easily carried through the apartment, for example to steam the curtains directly on the curtain rod or the bed linen directly on the bed and rid them of germs.

Next, the Pro Express Vision steam ironing station from Tefal has an extra powerful steam output of up to 180 g/min, and is therefore ideal for cleaning any home textiles, Tefal says.

Thanks to the extra strong steam boost of up to 750 g/min. the it can even remove stubborn creases from thick fabrics. The iron illuminates the fabric in front of it from the tip of the iron using the innovative Tefal Smart LED Vision technology. This means that no crease remains undetected, even in dimmed lighting conditions or dark textiles, Tefal claims.

Indoor air: A declaration of war against dust, hair, germs and allergens

With the help of a powerful 360° filter system, versatile programmes and speeds as well as the innovative Air Quality Box, the Pure Home from Rowenta ensures clean air on an area of up to 200 sq m, Rowenta says. The four filter levels remove up to 99.99% of all dirt and particles – from dust and animal hair to annoying odours and gases to the smallest particles and even formaldehyde.

new allergen mode even gets rid of aggressive allergens. At the same time, the air quality can be conveniently measured and individually adjusted in every corner of the home: simply remove the unique Air Quality Box from the device and go to the appropriate room. The high-precision laser sensors detect even the smallest particles – the collected data is sent directly to the app. Based on this, for example, a weekly schedule for cleaning the indoor air can be created – the Pure Home automatically takes care of the rest.

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