Meet AQUA/Haier the World’s Busiest Crossing

Known as the busiest crossroads globally, the famousShibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan, witnesses 2.5 million Japanese pedestrianspass through it every day. Amongst the high-rise buildings, the AQUA brandvideo of Haier Smart Home, making a big debut on the streets of Shibuya sinceOctober 18th, has come into view of passers-by.

In the video, the AQUA brand ambassador described AQUA’s long-term solutions to better the life for users, as well as the ongoing tenth-anniversary user feedback activities. AQUA campaigned the event, which ran from October 15th to December 31st, partnering with PayPay, Japan’s biggest mainstream payment network. 

This event will not only take place on the streets of Shibuya, but will also make an appearance at 18 stations of JR Shinjuku, and Osaka Shinsaibashi, a shopping mall, in late October, garnering over 10 million impressions. And engage in substantial user interaction on major home appliance websites, Yahoo, users’ favorite reading matters, SNS and other platforms. Additionally, users may engage in considerable participation in this activity at 300 offline stores of the major channels. The current activity has been carried out for two weeks, but the retail promotion effect has already appeared. The pre-sale of newly launched high-end rollers has exceeded 100, and the weekend sales of ultra-thin TZ have also increased by nearly 50% compared to before the event.

Introducing the AQUA 10th Anniversary series of theme activities enhanced Japanese consumers’ awareness of the AQUA brand, increased their preference for AQUA, strengthened their connection with the channel, and pushed sales efficiently in the year-end. Following that, AQUA will continue to grow, always putting priorities on user requirements and giving back to users. 

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