In Japan, AQUA Freezers under Haier Zhijia achieved the No. 1

In Japan, the share of dual-brand freezers of Haier Smart Home continue to rank first. In September, AQUA freezers achieved No.1 sales for the first time, realizing “a new No.1”.

During the post-COVID-19 era, user needs have been amplified such as “requirements for home appliance design due to more time spent at home”, “increased demand for freezer storage” and other needs. AQUA EMC quickly found these changes and upgraded the products from premium and differentiation aspects.

The industry’s’thinnest’ freezer, with a width of 36cm, is able to fit into any space of user’s homes. COOL CABINET series support flexible switch among refrigeration, soft freezing and freezing functions, brings users the best using experience. The changing needs of users in different scenarios drives AQUA EMC to improve its product competitiveness. The release of differentiated products is constantly driving up the average unit price of AQUA freezers which have gradually realized its leading targets.

The release of premium products boosted the confidence of local entrepreneurs who actively took on more challenging goals. All nodes of the whole EMC overcame the difficulties and strove to maintain project continuity despite of suspended meetings, to ensure the products were launched on schedule. They also innovated “non-contact and zero-distance” user interaction, developed online contact points, and delivered product differentiation to users in digital ways.

As Yoshida san, Planning Director of AQUA freezers, said, “I have never think that we could become No.1 in Japan. We have overcome great challenges to get to this place, as this No.1 spot is hard-won and thus more exciting. Leadership is only possible by constantly challenging ourselves and pursing innovations.”

The breakthrough achieved by AQUA freezers drove the total share of dual-brand freezers in Japan up to 42% in Q3, with the primacy ratio exceeding 1.7, further cementing the market position of Haier series freezers in Japan. Going forward, the Japanese EMC will continue to adhere to the premium brand transformation and continuously evolve with the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In Japan, Haier Zhijia’s AQUA Freezer achieved No. 1

      In Japan, the share of dual-brand refrigerators under Haier Zhijia continued to maintain the No. 1 position. In September, AQUA Refrigerator achieved No. 1 in single-brand sales for the first time, achieving a “new one” breakthrough.

User-centric high-end transformation

      With the advent of the post-epidemic era, new user needs such as “increasing time at home and increasing design requirements for home appliances” and “increasing demand for refrigerated storage” have expanded. AQUA Chain Group quickly caught these changes and iterated the products from the aspect of high-end differentiation.

The industry’s thinnest freezer can match any space in the user’s home with a width of 36cm; COOL CABINET series freezer refrigeration, soft freezing, and freezing modes can be switched freely to bring users the best experience.      Changes in user needs in different scenarios drive the AQUA chain group to enhance product competitiveness, 

and the investment in high-end differentiated products has also continuously increased the average unit price of AQUA refrigerators, gradually achieving industry leadership.

Goal challenge without using the epidemic as an excuse

      The investment in high-end products has made local makers full of confidence and proactively challenge greater goals. All nodes in the entire chain have overcome the difficulties of the epidemic and insisted on “stop meeting and non-stop project” to ensure the smooth listing of products. At the same time, it innovated “non-contact and zero distance” user interaction, opened up online contacts, and delivered product differentiation to users in digital form.
         As Junji Yoshida, the designer of AQUA refrigerators, said: “I never dared to think that I could achieve the first place in the kingdom of home appliances in Japan. After overcoming the challenge, the first hard-won, and it’s even more gratifying. Only insist on challenge and innovation. In order to achieve leadership.”      The breakthrough of AQUA refrigerators brought the total share of Japan’s dual-brand refrigerators to 42% in the third quarter, with the first rate exceeding 1.7, which further consolidated the market position of Haier refrigerators in Japan. In the future, Japan Chain Group will continue to adhere to the mid-to-high-end transformation and continue to evolve with innovation and entrepreneurship

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