Midea Laundry VDE Certification

On September 6th, the VDE certification award ceremony for the Midea Laundry Division was held in the Wuxi Little Swan Electric Co., Ltd. Distinguished guests from Midea Laundry Division and VDE INSTITUTE were invited to attend the ceremony.

Distinguished guests from VDE INSTITUTE included Mr. Hong Wei, Chief Representative of VDE China Representative Office; Mrs. Cang Yan, Chief Expert of VDE China; Mr. Dean Wen, General Manager of VDE Renewable Energy China; and Mr. Daniel Roehrs, General Manager of VDE China.

Image: Guests from Midea Laundry and VDE pose for photo at the awarding ceremony

The guests of Midea Laundry Division attending this ceremony included Mr. George Guo, General Manager of Overseas Marketing; Mr. Xu Pengcheng, Director of R&D Center; Mr. Wang Haifeng, Director of Domestic Product Development Center of R&D Center; Mr. Yan Shulin, Director Of Overseas Product Development Center of R&D Center, and Advanced Research of R&D Center Expert Mr. Gao Hongxi, etc..

Five professional VDE certifications were awarded at the ceremony site: VDE “New EU Energy Class A”; VDE “Low Noise and Less Vibration Certification”; VDE “Vibration Reduction Certification”; VDE “Hygiene Certification”; VDE “Test Data Acceptance Program Certification” for acoustic laboratory of advanced technology research institute of Midea laundry.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Daniel Roehrs, General Manager of VDE China, delivered a speech on behalf of VDE. He says that Midea, as one of the best international brands in home appliance industry, has lots of expectations for its energy efficiency development in the future; and VDE hopes to provide corresponding support to Midea Laundry. He points out that global climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Midea Laundry is the first and only Chinese brand whose products in the 7, 8, 9, 10 kilograms have all passed the VDE German new EU Energy Class A tests. He believes that in the future, VDE and Midea will have more solid cooperation.

Afterwards, Mr. Hong Wei, Chief Representative of the VDE China Representative Office, gave a detailed introduction on VDE “New EU Energy Class A”. He points out that since 1995, washing machine energy efficiency certification has quickly become the most indicative label and a major selling point in the European Market. In 2017, European new energy label directive and new standards start to upgrade the energy efficiency level and VDE energy expert team started cooperation with Midea Laundry in the same year. During this period, VDE and Midea Laundry jointly built a platform of VDE experts, which has more than a dozen experts covering safety, energy, washing performance, drying performance, hygiene, noise and vibration. The platform regularly conducts external tests and trainings.

At the same time, VDE CEO Sven Öhrke also sent a congratulatory message from Germany in the form of video.

After the speech, the award ceremony officially began. VDE “New EU Energy Class A”, VDE “Low Noise and Less Vibration Certification”, VDE “Vibration Reduction Certification”, VDE “Hygiene Certification”, VDE “Test Data Acceptance Program Certification” trophies and certificates were successively awarded at the scene.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Xu Pengcheng, Director of the R&D Center, made a concluding speech. Mr. Xu says that Midea Laundry has cooperated with VDE for many years. VDE represents the highest level of global testing and certification. As Midea Laundry continues to deepen its globalization, it needs strong support from VDE, which requires Midea Laundry to design more environmentally friendly, healthy and green products. 

Under the general trend of world diversification and globalization, the globalization and internationalization of products has become an important topic. The obtaining of a number of VDE professional certifications by Midea washing machines, not only marks the recognition of the energy efficiency of Midea products by the international community, but also marks another step forward for Midea washing machines on the road to internationalization. In the future, Midea Laundry will continue to increase its investment in technological research, and is committed to designing more green, healthy, high-quality products that meet market needs.

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