Haier smart in Milan design week

Haier has chosen Milan Design Week 2021 to present and materialize its idea of Smart Home, an immersive experience that will allow visitors to be active participants in a story that will unfold according to their choices and preferences, hand in hand with technological innovation. , premium design and personalized brand solutions.

From September 4 to 10, the Superstudio Più will host ‘Haier – Connect to the extraordinary’. Visitors, in small groups, will have the opportunity to experience, in a space of 400 square meters, the simulation of a fully interconnected home with a complete ecosystem of appliances and connected solutions to deal with typical problems and situations of everyday life. .

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The simulation, designed by Bonsai Ninja and connected with the hOn app (the software developed by Haier to manage, control and improve the functions of all the brand’s electrical appliances), will propose to visitors to prepare an interactive dinner for friends in a completely ‘ remote ‘due to an unforeseen event. “For this, Artificial Intelligence and the unique characteristics of Haier’s ecosystem solutions and the experimental world of the Smart Home will come into play, such as the new range of cooking appliances, connected refrigerators and wine cellars with exclusive conservation functions, innovative air conditioning solutions or promising washing results “ , they point out from the brand.

“Following the unmistakable approach to bespoke solutions that characterizes each of Haier’s products and features, the experience presented at Milan Design Week conveys the brand’s philosophy of zero distance from the consumer through products. premium, unique, at the forefront of technology and with an exclusive design, as well as the possibilities of interaction and personalization offered by Artificial Intelligence and connectivity “ , they point out from Haier.

The Hoover Proposal: Performance and Attention to Well-Being

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“For its part, Hoover will present in the same space the first H-ABITAT Home Wellness Ecosystem, a set with three interconnected products that care about the health and well-being of the family,” they say from the company. The installation, called ‘Performance and Connectivity for a healthier lifestyle’, will feature the smart home appliances H-SCANNER, H-PURIFIER and H-GO, which, connected through the hOn application, allow the collection of quality data of both indoor and outdoor air, purify the home and clean home surfaces independently.

Likewise, Hoover will have a second interactive stage oriented to washing and starring the new connected range H-WASH 550, a washing machine focused on the well-being, performance and disinfection of garments through steam. Visitors will discover the many benefits and comforts that connected appliances offer through the multiple functions of the hOn app, such as ‘Scan To Care’, which, with just a photograph, suggests to the user the most suitable washing program for each laundry .

Candy’s’ Snap & Do ‘experience to simplify consumers’ day to day

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The Italian brand will also land at Milan Design Week with the aim of responding to consumer needs in a simple and intuitive way. Using the latest technologies applied to household appliances and continuing with its commitment to offer smart and accessible products and solutions year after year, Candy will present in its space ‘Snap & Do – Connections that make a difference’ the functionalities for washing clothes and dishes (Snap & Wash ), drying clothes (Snap & Dry), preserving food (Snap & Cool), cooking (Snap & Cook) and choosing the right wine (Snap & Wine).“It is an experience inspired by connectivity to simplify everyday life, which allows unprecedented interaction with connected appliances thanks to the hOn app. With this, Candy shows its DNA, impregnated with intelligence and a strong link with the connectivity, and its commitment to simplify the user’s daily life “ , stand out from the company.

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