LG Winners again at Red Dot awards

LG has been awarded 31 product design  awards  at this year’s Red Dot Award . Presented at CES 2021, LG’s designer appliances have been awarded 5 awards including InstaView door-to-door refrigerator, refrigerator and freezer pair, CordZero vacuum cleaner , air conditioner and Styler. “Among the most significant is the honor given to LG designer appliances in the Materials and Surfaces category for their implementation of color, material and finish (CMF) – explains the company -. Introduced as a bold take on conventional home appliances, LG’s designer appliances are a fusion of technologically advanced appliances with high quality materials that can be customized to meet each customer’s specifications. Materials such as stainless steel, glass, metal and Fenix – an innovative material with advanced coating technology developed by Arpa Industriale – are used to illuminate the refinement of each product in the collection ”. Other accolades include recognition for LG WashTower, a one-piece vertical laundry solution that frees up more floor space when handling large loads.UltraGear and the LG Gram were praised for their advanced and elegant design.

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