Hisense efficiency

Hisense wants to showcase its most advanced and efficient household products, with the intention of respecting the environment. Therefore, it combines the best design, the latest innovation and the greatest efficiency to bring the latest advances to the users and favor the saving of energy consumption.

The company reinvests a significant amount of annual revenue in its 12 R&D centers around the world for the development of more efficient products and capable of leading an increasingly sustainable path. In addition, the company implements in its facilities recycling systems that contribute to the improvement of its profitability and allow the reuse of materials to reduce the environmental impact.

Among Hisense’s contributions to greater energy efficiency, the firm recommends regulating the temperature properly both at home and in the workplace. In this sense, determining the ideal temperature is easier thanks to the integration of wi-fi in models such as Brissa CA70BT01 . It is also important that they work with R-32, a pure refrigerant gas that has a low Atmospheric Heating Potential.

Hisense appliances, such as the WFGS1016VM A +++ washing machine (-20%) or the HS6130W Dishwasher , are committed to an A +++ rating. And the Inverter technology of products such as Brissa CA50XS01 can save energy and extend the life of appliances.

A connected home is a more responsible home, so the new Hisense appliances have ConnectLife, an application capable of offering reminders for the maintenance of registered devices, advice on food preparation and other useful household tricks. In addition, it integrates services and products offered by external partners, such as Alexa, Google or Siri.

Finally, it is essential to avoid bad habits of using appliances. For example, introducing hot foods into the refrigerator means 5% more energy consumption for each degree you need to cool. When cooking, the heat of food must be maintained at all times. A good example is the new Hisense induction hob, such as I6456C . Thanks to the programs it incorporates, you can keep the residual heat and keep the dishes warm and combine different cooking zones to create a single large cooking area.