Fascination, the latest in cooking by De Dietrich

Absolute black, Iron gray, Pure white and Platinum are the four exclusive collections of De Dietrich’s new Fascination range . Black, gray, white and platinum are the main colors of these four collections, which are combined with materials and textures, giving rise to an unprecedented design.

Different colors, combination of materials and mixture of textures such as cast iron, glass or copper, make this new collection a benchmark for design and innovation. So much so that some of its models have been awarded the Red Dot International Award.

As distinctive signs of the ovens of this collection, they stand out their robust handle, a platinum and copper selector to show the intuitive controls and an elegant black glass door, Iron gray or Pure white.

In its induction plates, the Horizone technology stands out, allowing it to reach a power of 5,000 W in different inductors without increasing the total power of the installation. In addition, these plates automatically recognize the size of the container on its surface.

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