LG Quadwash offers maximum efficiency and conserves energy

LG Electronics (LG) continues to bring innovation to life in order to maximize efficiency and conserve energy.

Amongst LG’s expanding range of home appliances, the LG QuadWash combines modern design with responsible functionality to create a sustainable lifestyle in the kitchen.

The LG dishwasher uses high-pressure jets and multi-motion spray arms to shoot water streams in various angles to reach every corner. The foldable tines let you load the dishes the way you want. LG’s Inverter Direct Drive motor gives reliable performance without creating much noise. In addition to that, unlike the conventional motors, LG dishwasher’s innovative Inverter Direct Drive Motor is incredibly energy efficient.

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Addressing different needs to different consumers, the QuadWash allows consumers to adjust the height of the upper rack to three different levels, which enables loading taller items. It gives a choice of the Turbo Cycle to clean stubborn soiled dishes in less than an hour, conserving energy that would have been used for longer.

The Dual Zone Wash gently cleans your delicate dishes and also lets you power-wash the heavy-duty pots and pans, allowing less use of the dishwasher for a variety of dirty dishes to be done simultaneously. The temperature of the tub reaches up to 80 degree Celsius, ensuring deep cleaning and ultimate hygienic care of dishes.

The patented and very efficient Smart ThinQ feature allows the connection of the QuadWash dishwasher with the user’s smartphone. This helps the user to monitor the cleaning at their most convenience with a tap of a screen. Furthermore, one of the features within the QuadWash, is the Machine Clean Reminder function which works well to remind users to run the cleaning cycle to keep the dishwasher fresh and highly functional.

LG currently has four different models of its QuadWash dishwashers

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