Partnership between Henkel and ECOVACS ROBOTICS

ECOVACS ROBOTICS and Henkel , one of the leading manufacturers of detergents and home cleaning solutions, announce a strategic partnership that has enabled them to develop a high quality liquid detergent designed exclusively for DEEBOT OZMO vacuum cleaner and floor cleaning robots.

Practicality and digitization are among the main trends that influence consumer behavior in the cleaning sector. Thanks to our partnership with ECOVACS, we want to use our experience to support and further develop the growing market for home robots -, says Nuria Ribe , Head of International Marketing for Henkel’s Home Care division. – The professional cleaning product we developed offers a specialized solution for ECOVACS domestic robots that will give customers exceptional results “.

We are pleased to have found at Henkel a partner with internal cleaning brands indispensable in the daily life of many of our customers. Together, we have created a practical product that improves the already excellent cleaning performance of our OZMOTM technology and brings a clean smell into the house , “explains Andreas Wahlich , General Manager Europe of ECOVACS ROBOTICS.

The innovative OZMOTM cleaning technology, available for the DEEBOT OZMO 930, PRO930, OZMO Slim10, OZMO 900, OZMO 920 and OZMO 950 models, allows single-stage suction and washing. A study has shown that this technology can remove 99% of the harmful bacteria present on the soil. The water tank ensures efficient cleaning of the floors and the amount of water that escapes can be manually controlled by the application depending on the degree of dirt and the surface to be cleaned.

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