Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will introduce high-priced home appliances to woo European consumers at the IFA tech trade show

Samsung will showcase three home appliances ― Air Dresser steam closet, Jet cordless vacuum and “windless” air purifier Cube ― while LG will introduce a washing machine equipped with artificial intelligence (AI).

Samsung expects the three home appliances will become a hit, given the products have gained popularity in Korea with their innovative features.

“With these three items that have been received well among Korean consumers, Samsung is aiming to expand its market share after showcasing them at the IFA fair,” an official said.

The steam closet will be released in the U.K. first during the October-December period and will hit other European markets in the fourth quarter of 2019.Samsung expects its Air Dresser will become a perfect fit for European consumers because dry cleaning there is quite expensive.

“According to our own survey, European consumers just dry out their garments outside or use fabric deodorizers when they try to deodorize their clothes,” a company spokesperson said. “As they have to pay quite a price for dry cleaning, we expect the Air Dresser will offer them convenience in garment care.”

The Jet cordless vacuum cleaner will be released in the U.K., Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands during the fourth quarter of 2019.

“While the cordless vacuums account for about 80 percent of the entire vacuum cleaner market in Korea, the figure remains at about 40 percent in Europe. We see there will be a huge demand for cordless cleaners,” the spokesperson said.

LG said its front-loading washing machine would be displayed at the IFA exhibition. Featuring AI technology, the product can sense the type of fabrics and offer the optimal washing setting.

“The AI-powered washer can detect the weight of clothes and sense the softness of fabric. After analyzing the information, it offers an optimal washing setting,” an LG official said.

The washer is powered by a direct drive motor directly connected to the drum, reducing energy consumption and noise.

The company says the washing machine can reduce fabric damage by 18 percent compared with other washers.

“According to a recent test conducted by the U.K.-based quality assurance company Intertek, the latest product was found to reduce fabric damage by 18 percent compared to a conventional LG washing machine,” the official said.

The washing machines are sold in eight European countries such as the Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland, and LG plans to expand this to 30 nations by the end of 2019.

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