Beko announced its recent product innovations in the new edition of the IFA in Berlin,

Beko announced its recent product innovations at IFA in Berlin, the largest consumer electronics fair in the world. Its latest product innovations have been designed to help improve the well-being of consumers and include everything from small appliances to large household items, such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and ovens, all equipped with the latest technologies.

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Beko works every day with the aim of promoting a healthier lifestyle and does so by developing, on the one hand, new technologies for the conservation of food in its optimal nutritional state for longer, and on the other, appliances that contribute to reduce the consumption of water, electricity and waste, betting on sustainability and environmental care.

Beko AutoDose and AquaTech® technologies

Beko dishwashers and washing machines with AutoDose technology automatically dose the optimum amount of detergent to always obtain an excellent wash. Thanks to this new technology, the user will only have to fill the tank with his usual detergent once a month since the AutoDose system is responsible for managing the appropriate dose in each wash and incorporates an indicator that informs when it is time to refill it. new. In this way, it allows consumers to save time, detergent, water and effort, giving them the free time they deserve.

For its part, Beko’s new AquaTech® washers harness the power of water to maximize clothing care. The mixture of water and detergent penetrates more strongly into the fabric at the same time that a bubble effect is generated, thus saving up to 50% in time and 50% more care of clothes compared to conventional programs, according to affirms the brand.

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Combi Steam oven

Beko incorporates in its multifunction oven the exclusive Combi Steam technology, which allows you to prepare fast and healthy meals. This new product combines multifunction cooking and steam cooking in a single device, which allows great flexibility when selecting the most appropriate method according to the dish to be prepared.

In addition, thanks to the power of steam, Beko’s Combi Steam oven offers a healthier way of cooking, enhancing the aromas and flavors of the ingredients and preserving the essential nutrients in food.

Always fresh fruits and vegetables

With EverFresh +, Beko’s latest refrigeration technology, fruit and vegetables are kept fresh for up to 30 days. Thanks to the air channels, humidity is controlled precisely, reducing condensation and minimizing temperature variations. Thus, in the EverFresh + compartment, Beko ensures that the optimal environment is created for the best preservation of fresh foods without the need for chemicals, helping users lead a healthier life.

Prepare healthy meals while maintaining the nutritional value of the ingredients

Loss of nutrients from food due to oxidation during the smoothie is one of the biggest challenges that Beko faces. For this, the brand presents the new blender that eliminates the oxidation of food thanks to its vacuum technology, conserving nutrients, color and flavor of milkshakes and juices for longer. In this way, the new product allows its consumers to prepare their favorite beverage and enjoy it the next day as freshly made, with all its nutritional value.

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