LG presents its washing machines with artificial intelligence

The technology called AI DD of LG is responsible for working with about twenty thousand patterns of information that take into account elements such as the hardness or softness of the garments to perform an optimized washing cycle. With the passage of time an improvement of 18% in the wear of the garments is promised.

On the other hand, LG’s TurboWash 360 function is present , which performs a complete washing cycle at a higher speed , getting the clothes to be washed in just 39 minutes, and without neglecting the efficiency in the process. In addition, the “3D Multi Spray” system also helps to clean the clothing in less time by simultaneously firing four jets of water in different directions for a complete removal of stains.

Not everything is work and LG also takes care of the ecology, so this type of creations are part of the “Smart Green” initiative that consists in improving the energy consumption of its products and saving on elements such as water and CO2 emissions compared to any other competitor. Specifically, LG AI DD washing machines offer an energy rating of up to A +++ (standard already appreciated in other models such as LG F4J6TY0W ).

Finally, users who access LG AI DD intelligent washing machines will have support for voice commands from an artificial intelligence speaker such as the LG WK7, in addition to being able to schedule washes or to know the status of the program away from home using the mobile device with the free application SmartThinQ.

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