NikolaTesla Flame, Elica’s first gas suction plate

Elica has launched NikolaTesla Flame, an exclusive gas suction plate, which allows to reach the right balance so that the burner flames remain stable without loss of efficiency.

The product has been designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. It is made of black or gray tempered glass, combined with black cast iron materials. All cast iron components are removable and washable.

The plate has four burners of different sizes, one of which is dual. The double crown has an independent ignition between the large and the small burner, which allows using very small diameter materials for cooking.

It also provides a wider space, for maximum freedom of movement even when using large pots at the same time. The closed cross grates guarantee stability in pans of all sizes, even in woks, thanks to the included accessory.

The gas suction plate has fixed controls of black color to control the burners, while the suction is handled electronically, by means of a continuous rotary control.

NikolaTesla Flame is available in a suction and filter version.

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