Miele Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Triflex HX1 – Powerful removable battery, up to 120 minutes running time

Miele cordless vacuum cleaner Triflex HX1 is available in three model variants and five colors.
The 3-in-1 concept makes thevacuum cleaner a true all-rounder. The “heart” is the PowerUnit, consisting of motor unit, battery and dust box, which can be converted in a few seconds. If the PowerUnit is mounted directly under the handle, you can easily get under the furniture or, when removing the electric brush, you can also suck on the ceiling. If, on the other hand, it is in the lower area, the center of gravity shifts accordingly – this is the best position to be able to suck even large areas effortlessly. In this setting, the Triflex can stand on its own. To remove crumbs on the breakfast table or in the car, the solo operation of the PowerUnit is ideal.

Miele cordless vacuum cleaner Triflex HX1
The necessary energy is provided by a lithium-ion battery from German premium manufacturer Varta, which is equipped with seven high-performance cells. This allows the teat to reach a running time of up to 60 minutes. With the Multi Floor XXL electric brush and the second performance level – which is recommended for normal soiling – can be cleaned in about 30 minutes up to 125 square meters. The top-of-the-range Triflex HX1 Pro comes with a second rechargeable battery as standard, increasing battery life by up to 120 minutes.
The device can be inserted with the PowerUnit in the upper or lower area in the enclosed wall bracket. Anyone who does not find suitable space or would like to avoid drill holes can set the vacuum cleaner upright without a bracket and insert the charging cable directly into the device. If a socket is missing at the place of storage, the battery can instead be charged separately, ie independent of the device and also without a wall bracket.
The Miele vacuum cleaner Triflex HX1 draws its suction power for carpet and hard floors from the proven Vortex technology.Thorough cleaning on all floor coverings is ensured by the 28 centimeter wide Multi Floor XXL brush with an electrically operated brush roller. It automatically recognizes the ground and adjusts the power automatically. For the HX1 Cat & Dog and HX1 Pro models, the electric brush is also equipped with LED light (BrilliantLight).
The three-stage filter system ensures hygienic emptying and clean exhaust air. The coarse dirt accumulates in the dust container, while the finer particles remain in the fine dust filter. When emptying, the Twist2open mechanism ensures that the dirt just falls out. The integrated Hygiene Lifetime Filter for particularly clean air does not need to be changed or maintained throughout the life of the device. The HEPA Lifetime Filter in the Triflex Cat & Dog and in the Pro filters even the finest allergens from the soaked indoor air.
Five color options are available: Lotus white, graphite gray and ruby red for the basic version, Infinity gray pearl finish for the top model HX1 Pro and Obsidian black for the HX1 Cat & Dog, which also has an Electro Compact hand brush, the upholstered furniture or car seats light and reliable from animal hair and Lint freed.
All models are equipped as standard with suction brush, crevice nozzle and upholstery nozzle. Electro Compact hand brush, additional battery and charging cradle are also available as aftermarket accessories.

Technical data Miele cordless vacuum cleaner Triflex HX1:
Cordless 3-in-1 hand vacuum cleaner without dust bag
Cleaning performance vortex technology
3 filter stages
Extra wide electric brush Multi Floor XXL, automatic flooring detection
Replaceable lithium-ion battery, 25.2 volts, 7 high-performance cells
Runtime (depending on model) up to 60 or 120 minutes in the first performance level with the PowerUnit solo; up to 30 or 60 minutes in the second power stage with electric brush; up to 14 or 28 minutes in the maximum power level with electric brush
Area performance up to 125 m² or up to 250 m²
4 hours charging time
0.5 liter dust container volume
Exhaust air filter Hygiene Lifetime, maintenance-free
Exhaust air filter HEPA Lifetime, maintenance-free (depending on model)
170 watts motor power + 50 watts
Power regulation via three-stage slider
Electric suction
Electric suction brush with BrilliantLight (depending on model)
Detached parking and parking function
Integrated accessories (suction brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle)
Weight 3.7 kg (including suction tube and electric brush Multifloor XXL)
The Miele Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Triflex HX1 will be available from November 2019,

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