BSH breaks ground on new dryer and washing machine facility

BSH breaks ground on its first China-based dryer and washing machine facility in Chuzhou on May 8, 2019. With an initial size of 60, 000 square meters and total investment of 1.69 billion Yuan, the facility is scheduled to go into production starting the first quarter of 2021 with a planned annual output of 3.6 million units.

It is a critical step for BSH to deliver its strategy of making Chuzhou its largest production site globally. The new facility comes after BSH’s first Chuzhou-based dishwasher company which was built in 2018 with a total investment of 0.7 billion Yuan and a planned annual output of 2 million units. The first-stage of the dishwasher facility has come on stream since 2018 and before that, the company’s Chuzhou-based refrigerator facility has seen its second-stage project go into operation. The string of investments signals BSH’s efforts in integrating its individual facilities into an industrial park in Chuzhou.

Compared to the company’s existing washing machine facility in Nanjing, the new facility is designed for the production of large-capacity washing machines, drying machines and dryer-washer combos. Plus, it will be established as an example of BSH’s Industry 4.0 strategy that features digitalization throughout the entire process from procurement, production all the way to end consumers.

It is learned that, the facility will be an important production site of the company worldwide after its operation and it will supply Chinese as well as global markets.

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