Miele creates the world’s first autonomous dishwasher

Miele celebrates its 120th anniversary in 2019 with the launch of the most important range in its history, the Generation 7000, which includes innovative products. Among them, stands out the one that from the company they denominate the first autonomous dishwasher of the world, thanks to the technology AutoDos with PowerDisk that incorporates.

It is a unique system that doses the detergent automatically together with a specific granulated powder detergent for proper operation. The content of a PowerDisk lasts approximately one month, which together with the control and programming through an app, means that the user only has to take charge of loading and unloading the device, and occasionally changing the PowerDisk.

These new dishwashers also offer other advantages such as the optimization of the baskets or the cover tray, and also have the classic two-chamber tank on the door to use any type of detergent. All this has meant that they have already been recognized by the prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award 2019.

All models Generation 7000 with AutoDos can be connected in network by wi-fi. In addition, with the Autostart function you can program the dishwasher to start with the desired periodicity.

The G7000 incorporates the M Touch screen, which allows you to operate recessed devices in the same way as a smartphone.

The novelty continues to include the already highlighted features of the Miele dishwasher line, such as the QuickPowerWash program (with a cleaning performance of A in 58 minutes), the AutoOpen function for perfect drying, the LED interior lighting (BrilliantLight) or the Door opening without handle with a light touch (knock2open).

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