The Elica Observatory unveils the new kitchen trends for 2019

The Elica Observatory shows the new kitchen trends in terms of volumes, styles and finishes that will be protagonists in 2019. In the contemporary kitchen the volumes are broken down to transmit solidity with harmoniously combined monolithic shapes. “For example, the rigid, linear and impressive shape of the innovative Haiku hood – Elica explains – makes it a volume that takes up the space precisely and without frills”. In addition, elegant metal structures lighten even the most impressive furnishings. Unusual lines and sharp angles give life to original surfaces that add personality to the environment. The Elica Observatory shows that the new year will be marked by important news in the choice of materials and finishes. Together with the metal, which is enriched in aesthetics thanks to new treatments, textures and rust effects, there is cement, a simple material but full of personality and structured.

Lullaby hood
Then there is wood, which is even more precious when it becomes a detail in combinations with other materials. “Wood – Elica says – harmonizes perfectly with elements such as copper, steel and ceramic in the new Lullaby ceiling hoods, an exclusive project that combines materials and light to create a comfortable environment”. Besides, the veined stones and the marble grit are again protagonists in the kitchen, and there is a raising of the role of the steel which, from accessible and economical element, becomes the protagonist of the entire kitchen for a high level professional look.
On the aesthetic theme some trends of the last years are confirmed. The imagery of the converted industrial loft is still a trend whose main characteristics are pipes, walls made of raw bricks, metal and cement. Evolution of this style is the industrial chic where the furnishings lose their roughness and acquire a more elegant appearance.

NikolaTesla hob
“In this context – Elica continues – the innovative line of the induction hobs with integrated extraction NikolaTesla represents a perfect combination of innovation and design, expressed through clean lines and a cutting-edge technological heart. The Switch model is characterized by an elegant continuous glass surface, interrupted only by a central ring in metal and glass which, by turning on itself, activates the extraction and guarantees very high performances in terms of captation, noise reduction and energy efficiency. The Libra model stands out for its elegant cast-iron grill, which gives the product a professional look and that integrates not just the hood but also an important tool in the kitchen: the scale”. Finally, the country style is reinterpreted in a modern way, lightening shapes and materials, while in the “scandinese” mood (a contamination between Scandinavian and Japanese styles) the naturalness of Scandinavian design materials meets the simplicity of the Japanese shapes.

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