Hoover AXI washing machine

Hoover , the international brand of the Candy Group ( recently acquired by Haier ), launches the first washing machine equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI), a product of excellence that is part of the AXI range . AXI’s innovative features enable the user to control the washing machine thanks to the Hoover Wizard app with the simple use of voice via voice assistant , such as Google Home and Alexa from Amazon, with which AXI is fully compatible.

AXI is a product created to zero the distance between user and machine: the assisted washing, for example, saves precious time by suggesting the most appropriate program for any type of fabric. The washing machine is also able to store the user’s favorite washes, making the selection of the program quick and easy every day, while the geolocation technology controls the weather forecast to understand which is the best time to wash, making sure that it remains the time needed to dry the laundry.

Not only intuitive, but also performing and functional: in fact, among the premium features of AXI, the Care Dose , the automatic detergent and softener dosage of up to 21 washing cycles, combined with the Total Care function , a perfect emulsion of water and detergent that is released into the basket penetrating into the fibers of the clothes effectively, ensuring an excellent washing in class A certified. These absolute performance levels are guaranteed by the silent inverter motor , which ensures long-lasting and reliable operation, drastically reducing noise and vibrations during washing.

AXI is a product that for Hoover plays a fundamental role in a brand growth and accreditation plan, precisely because it embodies all the dimensions: in addition to the functionality of use and the high level of technological innovation it enjoys a particularly elegant and sophisticated design, with a functional and intuitive Touch Pad, and a dark chrome porthole that gives the washing machine an attractive appearance.

On the occasion of the launch of the AXI project in Italy, Hoover has developed a feature through which users can also communicate through digital butler: in particular, thanks to the promotion valid at the traditional and online stores participating in the initiative – with the preparation of dedicated islands in the main points of sale in the sector – by purchasing AXI, the consumer will receive a Google Home Mini in combination

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