Whirlpool’s AP330W air purifier awarded at the iF Design Award 2023

The importance of air quality is essential for people’s health. Whirlpool knows this and has managed to strike the perfect balance between innovation, quality and design with the AP330W air purifier. Living with clean air at home without sacrificing aesthetics is possible, thanks to its compact design and minimalist lines. This has been recognized by the jury of the iF Design Award 2023, which has awarded it with one of its prestigious labels.This air purifier helps to eliminate dust particles, smoke, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, odors and other domestic gases with which we live daily in our homes. It also helps improve air circulation and removes mold buildup, as well as allergy-causing pet hair and odors, and pollen from indoor and outdoor plants. In this way, it helps to reduce respiratory diseases and those that are transmitted through the air, since it is capable of reducing flu viruses and bacteria by 99%.

Whirlpool’s innovative 6th Sense technology continuously measures air quality by automatically adjusting the purification rate. An advanced sensor measures the PM 2.5 level in the room, and a three-color (blue, yellow, and red) LED lamp provides real-time air quality information.

The purifier has a triple filter system (Pre-filter + carbon filter + Hepa filter) and ultraviolet light.

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