Whirlpool Launches Hob With Innovative CleanProtect

Whirlpool is launching a new induction hob with CleanProtect nano-coating, which means cleaning is no longer a daily source of stress. The new protective layer over the glass of the hob means that chemical cleaning agents are no longer necessary. Just water and a sponge are enough to give the hob a sparkling clean and prevent scratches and stains in the long term. With the new induction hob, pale circles from hot pans can be a thing of the past, allowing chefs to focus on preparing delicious dishes and enjoying long, relaxing evenings.

In addition to the CleanProtect nano coating, Whirlpool’s new induction hob offers a range of functions and flexibility. All induction hobs are equipped with 6TH SENSE automatic functions that prevent burning and boil over, including keep warm, melt, simmer and boil. Flexible cooking zones make the hob the ideal cooking partner. With ChefControl, chefs can divide the hob from bottom to top into low, medium and high temperatures, while simply sliding the pan up or down to change temperatures during the cooking process.

Whirlpool’s new induction hob is designed for easy installation and fits seamlessly into any worktop from 12mm, with no front ventilation. In addition, standard niche sizes make the replacement of an existing (gas) hob extra simple. Power management makes it possible to connect the hob to a lower power, so that adjustment to the electrical installation is often not necessary https://youtu.be/0aV0lmGEqmk

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