RørosHetta smart cooker hood

Family-owned Norwegian company RørosHetta continues its journey in breaking boundaries when it comes to cooker hoods, with launching integrated smart technology with life-saving features. RørosHetta has captured the market in the last decade by offering bespoke designer hoods that are customisable, both through colour-matching hoods to kitchens as well as the ability to customise dimensions. Following the success in the Nordics, the company has now set their focus on the UK with the launch of the world’s smartest cooker hood. Apart from being one of the world’s most quiet hoods, it boasts a range of smart features, such as switching your electrical hob off in case of fire risk and regulating the home’s indoor air quality.With SENSE indoor air quality control, the hood won’t just ventilate the pollutants from cooking, but can automatically regulate and ventilate the home, whenever there is an issue with air quality. The user is notified via smart alert and email whenever air quality drops to hazardous, and when it returns to normal.

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