Haier India new top loading washing machine

Haier has announced the launch of its new line-up of anti–scaling top load washing machines in India. The washing machine is available in capacities of 8 kg and 9 kg and includes features such as Haier’s anti-scaling technology, the Bionic Magic Filter, smart laundry, 3D rolling wash, and more.

The new machine incorporates Haier’s proprietary anti-scaling technology, which entails cleaning the drum with 20 smart nanoballs propelled by the water flow and impacting and scrubbing against the inner and exterior tub walls 25 million times in a single wash cycle.

The powerful water flow stops dirt from accumulating on the tub walls and cleans the exterior wall of the inner tub automatically, protecting it from chemical use. It also features an inbuilt heaterFurthermore, top-load washing machines are equipped with smart sense technology, i.e., fuzzy logic, which automatically chooses the appropriate water level by sensing the weight of the clothes, and when combined with the Quick Wash feature, the items are washed in only 15 minutes.

The new machines feature Near Zero Pressure technology, which functions up to 0.01 MPa water pressure, with potential users in high-rise apartments with low water pressure and a low storage tank height in mind.

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